The Ology

the SCIENCE  behind the mask....

When you open the package and feel the mask, you simply feel a dry piece of textile, yet there is nothing simple about this textile. It is loaded with micro-active ingredients through an innovative biomimetic technology using a patent delivery system for effective transmission of product onto and into the deep layers of the skin. After wearing the mask for 15 minutes, you will feel a balm like substance on your skin and here is why:

  • The clinically proven scientific biomimetic technology that is dry printed using a proprietary process onto the textile mimics the skin’s own lipidic structure. Once the mask is applied onto the skin the formula is activated by body temperature, the skin immediately recognizes the biomimetic substance and begins to deeply absorb it.
  • Once activated the formula is gradually released and absorbed according to your skin’s needs. Within 15 minutes of wear, the skin is nourished by millions of tiny vectors packed full of active ingredients.
  • The biomimetic technology does not stop working upon removal of the mask. In fact, the micro-active ingredients will continue penetrating deeply into the subcutaneous layers of skin within 6 to 8 hours...long after the mask has been removed. Your skin’s future has never looked so bright!

what is a “DRY” mask?....

  • dry to the touch and does not contain any water
  • our masks are made up of 86% to 94% active ingredients, unlike the conventional sheet masks which are mostly made up of 80% to 92% water and only 1% to 7% actives
  • the high concentration of actives brings real, visible and lasting results to your skin
  • the scientific technology behind our dry masks allows the micro-active ingredients to penetrate deeply below the skin surface
  • the dry imprinting of the active ingredients into the textile gives the skin the opportunity to effectively absorb all the benefits of the actives
  • unlike the “wet” sheet masks, which are good for one time usage, our dry masks are usable 3 times
  • the technology, combined with the fact they do not contain water, means no harsh chemicals need to be used to preserve the formula, bacterial growth is inhibited....they remain perfectly hygienic
  • the fact they are re-usable makes the price extremely competitive, if not less expensive than their wet counterparts
  • dry masks eliminate water usage and cut down on textile and packaging consumption
  • there is no messy dripping, you can apply them and go about your day
  • simply an innovative, effective product that is clinically proven to work...a must in any skincare regime!


how to use....

  • apply to dry cleansed face, colored side against skin
  • slip over ears using slits (face slits first, then chin slits) and adjust fit
  • gently massage to activate
  • leave on for 15 to 20 minutes
  • remove and do not rinse
  • fold (colored side in), place back in sachet and seal
  • usable 3 times
  • use within 3 months of opening product
  • store at room temperature



  • do not use on irritated or damaged skin
  • if you have any skin issues, consult your dermatologist prior to using
  • in the unlikely event that an irritation occurs, discontinue use and consult your doctor
  • do not use if you are allergic to any of the listed ingredients

    suggested treatment options:

    • upon initial use, apply the mask 3 to 5 consecutive days as an intensive treatment and 2 times per week thereafter for maintenance
    • use the mask 1 to 3 times per week as an additional boost to your regular skincare regimen