The Story



I have always believed in the power of individuality and the coming together of nature and people. My name is Anna, I am a mom, businesswoman and founder of Omorphology. My educational background is in economics and art. After the birth of my son, I decided to sell my business to be a full-time mom. At the time, I felt anxious about my decision, but looking back I feel grateful and privileged.


Having reached a few milestones in my life’s chapters, I wanted to return to the world of business. Not only for the challenges but to contribute to the wave of difference that now ripples throughout. From a young age, clean living has been my mantra but never more so then when I had my son. It is then that I clearly understood the fundamental connection between what we put in and on our bodies, and the effects on health. I have always been invested in caring for my skin, reading the labels wanting to know what is in the product and what purpose each ingredient serves.


At Omorphology, our goal is to produce extremely effective, clean products that will make a positive difference in people’s skin. We are a motivated team that is working hard and looking forward to bringing innovative products to market that embody our core values and will play a significant role in helping people achieve their skincare goals. Never toxic, very effective, produced in the most natural, sustainable and ethical way possible.